July 8th, 2021, 19:00 to 22:00, Kavarna Sputnik

Zach Coelius

The Unicorn Whisperer

CEED Summer Leaders Talk

"Being a founder is the only job

that gets harder as you get better at it."

Video: Zach Coelius - My Founders Story

Zach Coelius

Zach Coelius is a four-time founder - founder and CEO of Triggit, an online advertising technology company that pioneered Facebook retargeting and a founder of an adtech startup acquired by LinkedIn.

Today, he's a full-time angel investor (Coelius Capital) and advisor to startups with the biggest success by investing in Cruise Automation, that was the first billion dollar exit on an AngelList. He’s invested and advised several more startups well on their way to the unicorn status, and is always actively looking for new investment opportunities. More.

Video: Fireside chat w/ Zach Coelius and Francesco Cracolici

Francesco Cracolici

Angel investor, digital marketing expert and a General Manager at Nomadic Minds, the world's largest network of Silicon Valley CEOs & top execs that collectively raised $4+ B and generate $20+ B in companies' value. Prior to that, Francesco was a 2-times founder and head of Sales at The Family, the 2nd largest accelerator in Europe with $3+B in companies portfolio.

"Being an entrepreneur is like meeting Mike Tyson in a dark alley

and he’s got a left hook in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other.

Only you never know which one’s going to hit you in the mouth."



Zach Coelius: My founder Story

Fireside Chat

Raising Capital With Zach Coelius & Francesco Cracolici


"Zach Coelius has played significant roles as a founder and super angel; and more recently, as a result of sensing the hidden value inside Cruise Automation, a unicorn hunter. He also understands how rough the startup game really is, and approaches his portfolio duties with the experienced eye of one who has been there, done that."

- Jeff Cunningham

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